Learn to capture and tell your brand stories visually.|Level-up your shooting skills.

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Engaging content starts with the very best footage. Learning to capture great shots is one aspect, but fully understanding how to think like a true filmmaker and visually create a story, is a skill that can be ignited by joining us on sharp.shooter

Unlike a lot of training, our modules are not pre-recorded. You have your own personal creative one-to-one for the duration of the modules to ask questions and bounce ideas around.

Before the training, we'll go through examples of content you want to create and focus the module on specific equipment or skills you'll need to develop to achieve your shooting goals. This ensures the best use of course time for your own content.

In the standard module, the course structure covers advanced camera controls, shot composition and coverage, capturing clean audio, lighting an interview subject as well as shooting efficiently for the edit.

Let us help you create something new.


  • Your content

    We start by looking at the content that you want to create. Focusing on areas that we can work on together to level-up your shooting.

  • sharp.shooter Storyboards and making a plan

    Making a plan

    How to be prepared as possible before filming. How a storyboard works and understanding style and pace before shooting. Who is your audience?

  • sharp.shooter Filmic Pro app

    The Filmic Pro app

    Main app controls and taking full control of the smartphone camera, using shooting presets.

  • sharp.shooter Camera controls and settings

    Running the Numbers

    Advanced camera controls, frame sizes and frame rates. Shutter speeds and ISO explained.

  • sharp.shooter Shot types and sizes

    Shot Types & Sizes

    Picking the right shot for the action. Combining shot types and pacing. Multi-purposing your content.

  • sharp.shooter Coverage and scene awareness

    Scene Awareness

    Coverage and breaking a scene into individual shots. Finding the rhythm of a scene. Continuity and how to make a sequence flow.

  • sharp.shooter mastering lighting

    Controlling Light

    Learning how important lighting is while filming and how a shot can be transformed by taking control of light.

  • sharp.shooter placing subject for interview

    Interview Mastery

    Placing a subject correctly for interview. Maximising the interview time and bringing an subject to life in the edit.

  • sharp.shooter capturing audio

    The Importance of Audio

    Types of microphones explained and demonstrated. Audio levels and correcting common mistakes.

  • sharp.shooter camera movement

    Elevate your shooting

    Camera movement and bringing your shots to life. Adding depth, perspective and impact to your visuals.

  • Putting it all together

    Social media content filming exercise. Reviewing your footage and coverage. Revisiting the storyboard.


Key apps required for this module.

Filmic Pro

£ 14.99

Unlocks the potential of a smartphone camera by allowing full manual image controls and much higher quality video capture with cutting-edge features that mean you can have a extremely capable camera ready when you need it.



per participant
  • Immersive 1 day course for 1-3 participants
  • creative instructor
  • On-site* / Online
  • Remote follow-up session
Starting concepts

Our modules cover the whole process and focus on getting the fundamentals right, avoiding future costly mistakes.

Learning that lingers

Learn to film on the device you carry with you. Be ready to put your new skills into practice immediately, and regularly.

Professional trainers

Our creatives are always shooting on commercial projects, with an in-depth knowledge of modern film production workflows.

Interactive / Q&A

Training one-to-one or in small groups mean that participants can easily ask questions throughout, for a complete understanding.

Flexi structure

Talk to us if you want to run our online courses in two segments, to allow participants time to practice these new skills between sections.

Checking in

A remote 30 minute catch up session can be scheduled to review any work and revisit any areas that require more focus.

Courses may require additional app purchases. Courses are run as BYOD (bring your own device).
Device rental will incur additional charges.

* On-site training may incur additional expenses dependant on geographical location.