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Editing impactful content is a vital skill in visual storytelling. A good editor can bring footage to life and create engaging and impactful content. By choosing the element.editing module, the journey as an editor can begin.

Unlike a lot of training, our modules are not pre-recorded. You have your own personal creative one-to-one for the duration of the modules to ask questions and bounce ideas around.

Before the training, we'll go through examples of content or an edit style you wish to focus on. Opposed to other generic courses, this module is specific for your brand and style requirements.

In the standard module, the course structure covers importing and reviewing footage, building a narrative structure, using sound to amplify your story and a look at advanced editing techniques and colour correction.

Let us help you create something new.


  • Your content

    We start by looking at the content that you want to edit. Concentrating on building a style or focusing on a subject that is relevant to your content.

  • Making a plan

    How to think through an edit before starting. Planning the music, pacing and structure. What is the platform and audience for your content?

  • element.editing Luma Fusion App

    The Luma Fusion app

    Main app controls and interface layout. Creating a project and frame sizes / frame rates. Planning for multi-format edits.

  • element.editing Reviewing Footage in Luma Fusion

    Reviewing footage

    Importing footage into Luma Fusion. Reviewing and sorting material for editing.

  • element.editing Shot selection and trimming

    Shot selection & trimming

    Working with shots on the timeline, insert vs overwrite editing. How to trim and cut clips.

  • element.editing building your story

    Building your story

    Build a narrative with interview or voice over. Adding music, using cutaways and B-Roll.

  • element.editing working with audio

    Working with audio

    How sound levels work with tracks, splitting audio, working with ducking.

  • element.editing keyframing


    Audio and video keyframing explained.

  • element.editing colour correction

    Colour Correction

    How to use colour presets. How to balance colour. Using LUTs to create a look.

  • element.editing creating a polished edit

    Creating a polished edit

    Fine cutting techniques, adding titles, transitions and brand elements.

  • element.editing exporting and publishing

    Exporting and publishing

    Social media formats, portrait and landscape versions. Re-purposing an edit for various platforms.


Key apps required for this module.

Luma Fusion

£ 28.99

A full non linear editing package in your pocket that supports six streams of video and audio, and smoothly edits 4K video material. Built-in titling, colour grading and audio tools mean an entire project can be edited start to finished on device.



per participant
  • Immersive 1 day course for 1-3 participants
  • bild.film creative instructor
  • On-site* / Online
  • Remote follow-up session
Starting concepts

Our modules cover the whole process and focus on getting the fundamentals right, avoiding future costly mistakes.

Learning that lingers

Learn to edit on the device you carry with you. Be ready to put your new skills into practice immediately, and regularly.

Professional trainers

Our creatives are always editing commercial projects, with an in-depth knowledge of modern film production workflows.

Interactive / Q&A

Training one-to-one or in small groups mean that participants can easily ask questions throughout, for a complete understanding.

Flexi structure

Talk to us if you want to run our online courses in two segments, to allow participants time to practice their new skills.

Checking in

A remote 30 minute catch up session can be scheduled to review any work and revisit any areas that require more focus.

Courses may require additional app purchases. Courses are run as BYOD (bring your own device).
Device rental will incur additional charges.

* On-site training may incur additional expenses dependant on geographical location.