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The goal of bild.film is to unlock the creative potential of brands and content creators that want to take control of producing their own content, and elevate their content to the highest level possible.

We carry powerful filmmaking tools with us every day. The explosion in camera technology in smartphone devices means that with every new generation, the gap is closed to professional high end camera equipment. The acceleration in professional apps for filmmaking has given birth to a new breed of content creator - digitally aware, independent and agile.

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Ben Treston Filmmaker and Director

Ben Treston

Founder & Lead Creative

Ben Treston

Founder & Lead Creative

Ben is an award-winning Director, Camera Operator and Editor, working in professional film production for over 15 years both in the UK and internationally.

The majority of Ben's commercial work has been in the automotive and lifestyle sectors. He has shot numerous branded content campaigns for Porsche, Bentley, Hilton Hotels, Toyota, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Waldorf Astoria among many other agencies across Europe and worldwide.

Ben has always had a very strong technical background of filmmaking technology and the post-production process.

Ben created bild.film with a passion for training, and also observing that technology and filmmaking are crossing over into a new frontier. He is always enthusiastic to share knowledge with clients who want to create their own branded content.


An entire studio can now be in your pocket or laptop.

Filmic Pro


Unlocks the potential of a smartphone camera by allowing full manual image controls and much higher quality video capture with cutting-edge features that mean you can have a extremely capable camera ready when you need it.

Luma Fusion


A full non linear editing package in your pocket that supports six streams of video and audio, and smoothly edits 4K video material. Built-in titling, colour grading and audio tools mean an entire project can be edited start to finished on device.

Final Cut Pro


For those who want to take their existing desktop editing workflows to a new level. With the intuitive magnetic timeline, video and audio roles, powerful multicam support and high end colour tools - the fastest editing package on the market.